SMART Material Distribution

SMART Material Distribution 

SMART Systems reduce required piping and ensure that the right material is connected to the right destination.  SMART is geared to complex multilayer co-extrusion systems and centralized large-scale plant material handling systems.

SMART allows a single common material line to be used in applications with multiple vacuum pumps.  A traditional 10-silo system being serviced by 3 vacuum pumps would require 30 common material lines.  With SMART, the requirement is 10 material lines.  SMART also verifies that the material connections match the recipe, reducing the possibility of human error.  Port sizes can be matched to incoming tube size.

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Base Unit

Base Units are available for up to 16 connections and 6" hoses.  They can be purchased with optional light kits, and a variety of configurations.

Hose Module

An appropriately-sized Premium Flex Hose is included in each hose module, based on application, up to 15' length.  A SMART Hose Module also includes a camlock connection, mounting bracket, and knifegate.

Port Expanders

Port Expanders allow one source material to be shared with two to four destinations.  Verification is built-in to maintain the intelligence of the SMART System.  Port Expanders feature high-quality aluminum construction.