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  • Vacuum Receivers

    Vacuum Receivers were developed for optimal productivity and up-time.  Flapper-style Receivers feature an industrial hinge for consistent swing, and an inductive proximity sensor for simple set-up and operation.  Knifegates are an optional outlet, allowing the vessel to serve as a surge hopper and eliminating potential leaks due to pellet wedging.

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  • SMART Material...

    SMART Systems reduce required piping and ensure that the right material is connected to the right destination.  SMART is geared to complex multilayer co-extrusion systems and centralized large-scale plant material handling systems.

    SMART allows a single common material line to be used in applications with multiple vacuum pumps.  A traditional 10-silo system being serviced by 3 vacuum pumps would require 30 common material lines.  With SMART, the requirement is 10 material lines.  SMART also verifies that the material connections match the recipe, reducing the possibility of human error.  Port sizes can be matched to incoming tube size.

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  • Pumps

    Pump Packages are designed for the conveying of bulk solids.  High-efficiency motors, high-vacuum relief valves, premium silencers, and a secondary paper canister filter all come standard in pump packages.  Optional Variable Frequency Drive controls the pick-up velocity of the material to reduce angel hair and improve system efficiency.  Optional Sound Enclosure dampens sound to below 85dB at 3 feet.

    Variable Frequency Drives control the speed of a vacuum pump based on the inlet pressure at the pump.  This allows material to be conveyed at a programmed velocity, reducing material degradation and maximizing efficiency.  More Information.

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  • Velocity Control

    Variable Frequency Drives control the speed of a vacuum pump based on the inlet pressure at the pump, allowing material to be conveyed at a programmed velocity.  By controlling the velocity of the material flow through a transport system, angel hair can be reduced and often eliminated altogether.  Velocity Control can significantly reduce energy costs by maximizing the efficiency of material convey.

    Rebates available in most states.  Contact your sales manager to conduct a free assessment of your energy usage.

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  • Angel Hair Removal

    Angel Hair Traps remove angel hair stringers before they contaminate the system.  Angel Hair Traps can also be used as a tool to pinpoint where angel hair is being created.  Install several or move one around the system to find problem areas.

    Variable Frequency Drives are a solution to reduce or eliminate the creation of angel hair altogether.  More Information.

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  • Air Filtration

    Air Filters are designed to optimize airflow through the unit and minimize restrictions.  Units have a precise measure of delta P, which is used to alarm and control cleaning cycles so that only dirty bags are cleaned.  Units feature a front door for easy bag access, and bags are connected with quick-release clamps for easy changing.  Removable bin collects contaminants.

    ABS now offers Air Filtration Units that are NFPA Compliant for Hazard Class combustible materials rated up to ST2.

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  • Gate Valves

    Gate Valves are used to control flow of material in pneumatic convey lines.  Knifegates provide a high-quality vacuum-tight seal, ensuring reliable resin convey.  Flex and Wye Diverters prevent material cross-contamination and are used at the outlet of silos and in material convey lines to automate the distribution of resin from one source to one of multiple destinations.

  • Manifolds

    ABS Manifolds are designed for the distribution and sequencing of vacuum convey or compressed air.  The full line of manifolds includes Pneumatic and Vacuum Sequence options.

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  • Magnetic Separation

    Magnet Drawers keep ferrous metals out of the extruder and help protect equipment.  Drawers are made of stainless steel without hang-up points, and are customized to mount to equipment.  Drawers include mounting provisions for a low-level proximity sensor to measure when material level is low.

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  • Remote Pressure Convey

    Remote Pressure Convey is used to move material from the blender to the extruder continuously with little to no segregation of blend.  Rotary Airlocks are used in this process to continuously meter the material into the airstream.  Remote Pressure Convey allows the blender to be mounted on the floor, accommodating height restrictions and providing easy access.  Blenders can also be mounted remotely.

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