ABS Manifolds are designed for the distribution and sequencing of vacuum convey or compressed air.  The full line of manifolds includes Pneumatic and Vacuum Sequence options.

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Pneumatic Manifolds

A Pneumatic Manifold Valve Bank is a clean and simple way to control pneumatic devices.  It can stand alone or be integrated into a Vacuum Sequence Manifold.  This compact yet robust design features indicator lights for ease of troubleshooting and maintenance.

Vacuum Sequence Manifold

Vacuum Sequence Manifolds (SVMs) were developed to simplify the installation and maintenance of vacuum systems.  Additional pumps can be added, allowing multiple pumps to service the receivers connected to the manifold.

SVM Bridge Adapter

The SVM Bridge Adapter allows for adding ports to an existing Vacuum Sequence Manifold (SVM).  The device connects easily to SVM and can be added in the field.  This permits the addition of pump-sharing to an existing system, or the addition of Vacuum Receivers to an existing valve bank.