Level Sensors

Level Sensors 

ABS offers a wide range of continuous and point level sensors to meet the requirements of a range of materials, storage bin sizes, and applications.

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Laser Level Sensors are non-contact, level-measuring instruments designed for granular solid materials and opaque liquids.  Narrow-beam divergence permits direct aiming to the target surface without interference from structure or falling materials.

Laser Level Sensor

Guided Wave Radar is a continuous level sensor independent of contaminants, vapor, build-up, and condensation.  It delivers a precise and reliable measured value for light-weight bulk solids.

Guided Wave Radar

Plumb Bob Continuous Level Sensors are cable-based level sensors designed to handle harsh conditions.

Plumb Bob

Rotary Paddles are an economical and reliable sensor for the detection of dry bulk materials.  Easy-to-install switches can be used to eliminate bin overflow, maintain a predetermined material level, or indicate plugging of conveyors or pneumatic lines.

Rotary Paddle

Proximity Sensor has an adjustable sensing range and an increased immunity to conducted radio frequency interference.

Proximity Sensor

Tuning Forks are robust point level switches for fine-grained or powdery bulk solids.  It features 1.5" npt process connection and relay output.  The maintenance-free device is suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Tuning Fork

Vibratory Rod Levels Sensors are standard-length switches for the detection of bulk solids and powders.  They feature easy set-up without adjustment and are wear- and maintenance-free.

Vibratory Rod

The Adjustable-Length Vibratory Rod is perfect for silo applications.  Unique Single-Prong Probe design is ideal for lightweight materials including expanded polystyrene beads.

Adjustable-Length Vibratory Rod