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  • Continuous Blenders

    SIMPLICITY Continuous Gravimetric Blenders are easy to install, configure, operate, and maintain.  SIMPLICITY uses maintenance-free vibratory feeders to provide simultaneous metering of all components, eliminating the need for mechanical mixing and consistently producing the desired blend.  A color touchscreen provides the operator with an easy-to-use interface and built-in help screens.  The controller is highly accurate and reliable to assure total system functionality and integration.  

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  • SL Gravimetric Blender

    SL Gravimetric Blenders feature continuous loss-in-weight technology in a lightweight compact design.  These units work well mounted directly to the throat of an extruder or in lab applications.  With the ability to integrate Vacuum Sequence Manifolds, the units pack significant power and flexibility into a small frame.

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  • Auto-Cleanout Blender

    Chameleon Simplicity 3000 is a fully automated material cleanout system that can complete a material change without operator assistance. Material is removed from the feeder tray using an automated vacuum system, and can be sent to a material collection station or bin for later use. Compressed air cleans the side walls of the component hopper.

    Changeovers can be done in as little as 1 minute with the smallest ABS feeder, assuming that the rundown feature was used. Chameleon can significantly reduce purge waste, and increase equipment run time. It can be retrofitted to any Advanced Blending Solutions blender.

    See the Chameleon Simplicity 3000 in action.

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  • Blender Cleanout

    The ABS Blender Cleanout System allows the operator to quickly and easily clean out a blender using the existing vacuum system.  Blender Cleanout features a port built directly into the frame of the blender that runs to the cleanout system.  When the attached hose is connected to the port, the system senses the hose and automatically orders a cleanout.

    A Blender Cleanout Station is the perfect accompaniment to the Blender Cleanout System.

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  • Weigh Hoppers

    Weigh Hoppers monitor material consumption rates.  The reliable, precise measure can be used by a control system to adjust the speed of the extruder to maintain a constant flow.  They feature cast acrylic sidewalls for material viewing and simple cleanout, and a stainless steel body. High Temperature and Knifegate options are available.  I/O and Ethernet communications are standard in Weigh Hoppers.

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