Blender Cleanout

Blender Cleanout 

The ABS Blender Cleanout System allows the operator to quickly and easily clean out a blender using the existing vacuum system.  Blender Cleanout features a port built directly into the frame of the blender that runs to the cleanout system.  When the attached hose is connected to the port, the system senses the hose and automatically orders a cleanout.

A Blender Cleanout Station is the perfect accompaniment to the Blender Cleanout System.

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Blender Cleanout

Blender Cleanout System includes:

  • 15 foot flex hose
  • Cleanout Port connected to central vacuum system
  • Indicator light showing when vacuum is available for cleanout
  • Flapper on port to close it when not in use
  • Custom software and I/O to control pumps and valves and to ensure that the blender goes into the pump queue when cleanout is needed.
Blender Cleanout Station

Blender Cleanout Station consists of a Vacuum Receiver, Vacuum Sequence Manifold, Stand, and Collection Bin.  It can be used for cleaning out lines in any Blender or Smart Stand application, or other areas where resin clean-up is required.