Air Filtration

Air Filtration 

Air Filters are designed to optimize airflow through the unit and minimize restrictions.  Units have a precise measure of delta P, which is used to alarm and control cleaning cycles so that only dirty bags are cleaned.  Units feature a front door for easy bag access, and bags are connected with quick-release clamps for easy changing.  Removable bin collects contaminants.

ABS now offers Air Filtration Units that are NFPA Compliant for Hazard Class combustible materials rated up to ST2.

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NFPA Certification

ABS offers Air Filters that are NFPA compliant for Hazard-Class combustible materials rated up to ST2.

Bin Vent Filters

Bin Vent Filters are square air filtration units that mount directly to the storage bin.  Constructed of mild steel with powder-coated finish, filters have a compact design to reduce space requirements.  Units feature airtight construction with gaskets at mating surfaces.  Access doors allow for easy cleanout and filter bag changes.